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Privilege exercise beads and questions, episode 9

Sexuality Privilege

1. I have formalized or could formalize my love relationship legally through marriage.

2. I can move about in public without fear of being harassed or physically attacked because of my sexual identity.

3. I do not have to fear negative consequences if my coworkers find out about my sexual identity.

4. If I want to, I can easily find a religious community that welcomes persons of my sexual identity.

5. No one questions the “normality” of my sexuality.

6. People don't ask me why I “chose” my sexual identity.

7. I easily can find sex education literature about my sexual identity.


Ability Privilege

1. I can assume that I will easily have physical access to any building.

2. I have never been taunted, teased, or ostracized due to a disability.

3. I can do well in a challenging situation without being told I am an inspiration because of my ability status.

4. I can go shopping alone and expect to find appropriate accommodations to make the experience hassle‐free.

5. I do not have to request accommodations due to my ability status.

6. If I am not hired for a job, I do not question if it was due to my physical or mental ability.

7. Other people do not think that my mental ability is limited because of my physical ability.


Gender/Sex Privilege

1. If I have children and a successful career, few people will ask me how I balance work and home.

2. I do not have to think about the message my wardrobe sends about my sexual availability.

3. I never worry about being recognized as the sex/gender with which I identify.

4. A decision to hire me will never be based on assumptions about whether or not I might plan to have a family soon.

5. I am less likely to be sexually harassed at work than persons of other gender identities.

6. In general, I am not under much pressure to be thin or to worry about how people will respond to me if I’m overweight.

7. Major religions in the world are led mainly by people of my sex.


Race Privilege

1. Mainstream media routinely depict people of my race in a wide range of roles.

2. Children in my racial group do not need to be educated about systemic racism for their daily physical safety.

3. I can be sure that if I need legal or medical help, my race will not work against me.

4. I can take a job without people thinking I was hired only because of my race.

5. I can do well in a challenging situation without being called a credit to my race.

6. I am never asked to speak for all the people of my racial group.

7. I can go shopping without concern that store employees will monitor me because of my race.

Religious Privilege

1. I can assume that I will not have to work or go to school on my religious holidays.

2. I can be sure that mainstream media will celebrate the holidays of my religion.

3. My religious views are reflected by the majority of government officials and political candidates.

4. Food that honors my religious practices can be easily found in any restaurant or grocery store.

5. Places to worship or practice my religion are numerous in my community.

6. Most people do not consider my religious practices to be “weird.”

7. I do not need to worry about negative consequences of disclosing my religious identity to others.


Class Privilege

1. I can be sure that my social class will be an advantage when I seek medical or legal help.

2. I am fairly certain that I will not have to skip meals because I cannot afford to eat.

3. I have a savings account with at least a month’s expenses in case of emergency.

4. In case of a medical emergency, I won’t have to decide against visiting a doctor or a hospital due to economic reasons.

5. I don’t HAVE TO rely on public transportation; I can afford my own vehicle.

6. My neighborhood is relatively free of obvious drug use, prostitution, and violent crime.

7. Most experts appearing in mass media seem to be from my social class.


Nationality/Citizenship Privilege (U.S.)

1. If I apply for a job, my legal right to work in this country probably will not be questioned.

2. I will never be denied housing in the U.S. due to my citizenship.

3. I can go into any bank and set up a checking account without fear of discrimination.

4. I can be reasonably sure that if I need legal or medical assistance, my citizenship status will not matter.

5. I do not fear that my employer will threaten me with deportation.

6. If I wanted to, I could travel freely to almost any country and be admitted back into the U.S.

7. If I were a victim of a crime, I wouldn’t think twice about seeking police assistance due to my citizenship status.

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